Explorers Clubs

The Mailbox Club International (TMC) and Evangelism Explosion International (EE) joined forces in a worldwide partnership with a vision of reaching over 1 billion children with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and then disciple them into Spiritual Maturity through the Explorers Club Bible Study Materials. Our plan is to be working in over 80 countries over the next 15 to 20 years.

Explorers Clubs will be established primarily in tens of thousands of local churches each providing Godly mentors to be trained for both EE’s Hope for Kids (H4K) and the Mailbox Club’s Explorers Clubs Discipleship programs. This could become the single largest Evangelistic and Discipleship project ever in the history of the Church and Missions.

Never before was there a partnership effort of this magnitude being planned to reach at least 50% (if not more)
of the world’s child population through an Evangelistic and Discipleship program like this one.



Lesson 1 The Good News Pathway to Hope

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